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Water meter WM-15 - $72 only

Water meterIt frees utilities from:

- reading meters,

- distributing bills,

- checking and processing unpaid bills,

- fining consumers for unpaid bills,

- disconnecting and reconnecting meters,

- problems with consumers.


It provides for utilities:

- savings of personnel expenses,

- savings of stationery expenses,

- savings of time,

- 2-3 months advance revenue,

- reimbursement in short time,

- good relations with consumers,

- a modern, reliable, flexible and economical way to collect bills.



- usage data is uploaded from meter to smart card and, during recharge, from card
to payment terminal and central computer,

- “friendly leakage”: upon expiration of credit, don’t fully disconnect the consumer
but allow him a very small consumption,

- credit operation: customers don’t have to prepay but are assigned one-month
credit. At the end of each month, they should recharge the cards to pay for the
previous month consumption,

- bank-grade security of smart card transactions.



Downloads technical description WM-15

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