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Three-phase prepaid power meter

Three-phase prepaid electronic power meters 3CA-3

3CA-3Electronic three-phase power meters 3BA-3 measure active electric power in four-wire circuits, also indicating maximum demand, time, tariff zones, tamper and outages information, and service data. Options include load management features, communication devices, and tamper sensors: case/ terminal open, and reverse current.

3CA-3 meters are equipped with disconnection relay and smart card slot for operation in prepaid and automatic post-paid mode. Refer to brochure for details.

lternatively to the smart card, 3CA-3 meters come with two-way PLC for remote disconnection and load management.


Downloads technical description 3CA-3


Accuracy class



3 х 220/380 V

Rated (maximum) current

5(50) А, 10(50) А, 10(100) А, 20(100) А


4 tariffs, hourly intervals, 4 seasons , weekends and unlimited holidays, daylight savings time

Operating temperature

-20+60 C

Power loss

below 2W


50 Hz +/-5%

Current sensor resistance

0,0005 Ohm

Clock accuracy

Better than 0.5sec daily


Optical port, RS-485, PLC, LCD, memory, clock, circuits

Optical port transmission speed

3009600 baud

Transmission RS-485, PLC speed

9600 baud, 19200 baud

Data security

Password, hardware security, encryption

Standard warranty

3 years

Extended warranty

8 years

Recalibration period

16 years


30 years


IP 54

Meter overall dimensions

315 х 170 х 70 mm

Overall dimensions including packing

330 х 200 х 100  mm

Meter weight

Below 1 kg


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