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Breakthrough in PowerLine Communication

PLC AMR modems for $3.95 (10k+ qty. We also ship smaller quantities of powerline communication modems.)


Extremely durable and reliable powerline modems for automated reading of electric power meters, smart house, and industrial automation. The powerline modems use our proprietary algorithm which provides moderate speed (not suitable for broadband powerline communication) but extreme reliability of PLC AMR and very low price. The powerline modems operate as modem (whatever signal injected on one end, the same signal received on the other end of the powerline communication), thus drastically reducing development time of PLC AMR. We sell PLC SDKs, PLC modems, and PLC AMR-enabled electricity meters. PLC concentrators and AMR software are also available.


Don't be fooled by companies offering their PLC AMR chips even at $5-11 - you will spend several dollars more for the components components necessary to make their PLC AMR work. Our PLC AMR modem is self-contained - you need not buy anything else to establish powerline communication layer.

Shocking reliability - our powerline communication works where other PLC AMR modems don't (tested against every major manufacturer's PLC modem, including Philips, Intellon, and Domosys). Our powerline communication modems work even in old, poorly connected power grids with high noise level. PLC AMR tested at 2.5km (1.5mi) distance. Built-in FSK.

Virtually no saturation effect in powerline communication - works with 1,700 PLC AMR-enabled meters connected to the same power line.

Fully digital powerline communication - use any encryption algorithm.

Two-way powerline communication - read and update your power meters automatically for a full AMR experience.

Transparent PLC layer - integrate seamlessly in power meters for AMR, home automation, or any system. Use powerline communication with your current protocol - other PLC AMR manufacturers require you to use theirs.

Each powerline communication modem is a self-contained transmitter/receiver - no special PLC modems required.

Industrial-grade speed of powerline communication. Unlike other PLC manufacturers, we do not claim any particular speed of powerline communication - it overwhelmingly depends upon the power line quality.

Extremely robust design - 4-year warranty, 30-year lifetime of PLC modems.

Connect to powerline communication modem via current loop or line inputs; optional RS232, RS485, USB, or Ethernet for PLC AMR

Aux power supply for installation of powerline communication modems in mechanical power meters, water and gas meters. Powerline concentrator collects pulses from several power, water, and gas meters to PLC modem: collect data in-house by RS-485 and transmit it outside by powerline communication.

Integrate PLC modem in your products or use our PLC AMR-enabled meters and GSM, PSTN, and Ethernet-enabled concentrators

Powerline communication modems compatible with all applicable standards. Use free powerline communication frequencies.

Save even more by integrating our PLC AMR modems on your PCB. License available! Royalty is just 75 cents.

Developer's kits (SDK) for powerline communication modems available for $199 only

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