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Please note that we don't normally participate in tenders for power meters. If you wish to win a tender, the proper way is to set up a local assembly of power meters to skip customs duties and obtain the local manufacturer's preference margin in tenders for power meters. That's an inexpensive and viable operation. Please inquire about the details of our power meters licensing assembly program.

16 November 2008 Multi-node ZigBee-complaint RF module for power, water, and gas meters - just $9! RF concentrators for meters - $170. RF-GSM bridges - $320. Highest communication quality at low cost.

29 October 2007 Solid-state power meter with multitariff, optical port, and pulse output - from $6.95

18 August 2007 Super multifunctional panel meter. The most advanced panel meter, power quality monitor, power quality analyzer in the world. 70 parameters, 16 programmable channels, up to 600,000 waveform samplings, 51st harmonics, up to class 0.1. From $170 only!

12 June 2007 Any single-phase electronic power meter $8.95 in 10,000 quantity. Lead time for power meters is 4 months.

08 May 2007: Electronic power meter for $4.50 only! A reliable replacement for mechanical meters.

09 January 2007: New licensing opportunities for power meters Now you can skip customs duties for power meters and obtain local manufacturer's preference margin in tenders by establishing local screwdriver assembly of power meters. Inexpensive! We assist in setting up the line and license you our power meters and PLC AMR products.

11 April 2006: Breakthrough in PowerLine Communications PLC AMR modules $3.95!

15 March 2005: Calibration and testing tools description is added.

11 March 2005: Sitemap and downloads sections are added.

10 March 2005: Prepaid water meter description

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