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Multifunctional electronic power meter 4DA

Multifunctional  electronic power meterMultifunctional 4DA electronic power meters of active and reactive energy operated through current and power transformers. Use 4DA1 multifunctional meters for direct connection, and 4D multifunctional meters without instantaneous measurements.

The 4DA multifunctional power meter operates in three- or four-wire circuits, with optional sensors of reverse, neutral current, CT short and bypass. The multifunctional power meter includes two programmable relays.

The profile is recorded in the multifunctional poweer meters through 8 programmable channels of 2,880 events each, sufficient for monthly recording in 15-minute intervals. The event log is sufficient for 500 incidents.

The multifunctional meter's LCD output is programmable from about 80 values structured in main and sub-menus.

Communication options for the multifunctional power meter include RS-485, one- or two-way PLC, and modem.

The 4DA multifunctional power meter measures all instantaneous per-phase values, temperature, overload, over- and under-voltage. Refer to the specifications for full list of the multifunctional meter's features.


specs of multifunctional power meters Download specs of multifunctional power meters


Accuracy class

0.5S active/ 1 reactive; 0.2S active/ 0.5 reactive

Voltage 57-240V+/-30%

Rated (maximum) current

1(2), 2(6)A

Tariff zones

4 tariffs, hourly intervals, 4 seasons , weekends and unlimited holidays, daylight savings time

Operational temperature

20+ 60 C

Power loss

below 2W


5060 Hz +/-5%

Current sensor resistance

0.0005 Ohm

Clock accuracy

Less 3.6 V А

Clock accuracy

Better than 0.5sec daily


Optical port, RS-485, PLC, LCD, memory, clock, circuits

Optical port transmission speed

3009600 baud

Transmission RS-485, PLC speed

9600 baud, 19200 baud

Data security

Password, hardware security, encryption

Standard warranty

4 years

Extended warranty

8 years

Recalibration period

16 years


30 years


IP 54

Meter overall dimensions

245 х 150 х 80 mm

Meter weight

Below 3 kg

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